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Case Study 1 - Child A aged 8 yrs – Group 1 – 1st Year but has older brothers and sisters who have been with us before, harassed within their community.

What’s been the thing you'll remember about camp?

Child A - Meeting new friends, joining in the activities, especially swimming. I sometimes go to the baths at home but not often to swim.

What new things do you think you've learnt outside of activity times?

Child A – ‘having fun and playing with new friends and my sister.  I always help ‘C’ with problems. I've learnt that being part of a group you've got to have strength and faith and teamwork. You get strong in a team by just carrying on and not quitting. I feel that I have a voice in my team and I like to encourage and motivate people who are scared of the activities. I've overcome my fear of heights over the past few days on the confidence course, through support from my team. Sometimes I feel dead proud of my team cos they do the activities, even if I don't do them cos I feel scared, I still encourage them and tell them it's secure’.

How safe have you felt this week?

Child A – ‘I feel safe on the activities at Manor. I feel safe cos I've got me sisters round me. I feel safe cos we've got adults around us and we've got our mates at bed time, so we can tell them stuff if it’s needed’

Young people rated how safe they felt on the holiday on a scale of 1 - 5

1- You don't feel safe

5- You feel very safe

Child A – ‘Rated 4.5 cos I haven't got my brother around, he makes me laugh and I just miss him’.

Young people rated how safe they felt back home on a scale of 1 - 5

1- You don't feel safe

5- You feel very safe

Child A – ‘I feel like a 2 cos there's always shootings by my house. There are also kids that hang around by mine, they swing on our tree and give cheek to my mum, and they aren't very nice to us and try to bully us. At my Nan’s house I feel a ‘5’ safe cos I've got family and friends, if I'm being bullied and can run in and tell someone, sometimes by mine there are kids waiting for me to play out so they can try and hit me’.

On the holiday do you have people you can go to discuss things with if you are worried?

Child A – ‘I can go to people who can solve problems. I feel safe cos I've got loads of friends here I can speak to, it's hard to name them all cos they all like me’.

When you are back home what do you tell your friends and family about Sefton Children's Trust holidays?

Child A – ‘I'll tell them it doesn't matter about the clothes you wear it's about how much fun you have. The week has flown by cos I've wanted to come here for ages; it's just nice to meet new friends and new staff who I've never met before. I like the camp song cos it gets stuck in your head and I will like to tell my family about it’.

The camp song - when you go home have you ever heard it, what do you think when you hear it (in 2 words)?

Child A – ‘it gets stuck in your head, it's probably my favourite song.  It will help me remember my memories’.

If we said SCT to you, how would you sum it up in 1 word?

Child A – ‘MEMORIES’